To email a staff member, use this formula: first initial of their first name, last name, at

Paul Botts
President & Executive Director
312-922-0777, ext. 112

Mark Bogner
Assistant Site Manager, Dixon Waterfowl Refuge

Trevor Edmonson
Restoration Specialist & Project Manager, Midewin

Julie Erdmann
Development & Communications Assistant
312-922-0777, ext. 111

Jill Kostel, Ph.D.
Senior Environmental Engineer
312-922-0777, ext. 129

Vera Leopold
Grants Manager & Development Associate
312-922-0777, ext. 130

Jim Monchak
Senior GIS Analyst
312-922-0777, ext. 117

Sue Rose
Finance & Operations Manager
312-922-0777, ext. 116

Rick Seibert
Site Manager, Dixon Waterfowl Refuge

Gary Sullivan, Ph.D.
Senior Restoration Ecologist
312-922-0777, ext. 115

Suzanne L. Wagner
Director of Development & Communications
312-922-0777, ext. 110